How to make a floral gintonic


The Geneva It is a drink that allows us multiple combinations, even in the same cocktail As the gin tonic. The variety of gin nuances: floral, citrus, fruity, spicy ... is so large that it allows us to combine them to the taste of virtually anyone. Today to learn how to make a gintonic floralWe are going to recommend the gin Bulldog, mixed with tonic Boylan. Of course, offering gintonics adapted to each of your guests requires us to buy gin of different types, and that is not always possible. That's why we recommend you search versatile gins, which adapt to various preparations.

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 bottle of gin Bulldog
  • 1 bottle of Tónica Boylan
  • Ice
  • Dried flower leaves
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The first is always cool a ball cup, previously in the freezer, or removing an ice cube. Then remove the ice and water that has been undone.


Add 5 ice cubes in the cup, the more compact the better.


The most common measure is 5cl of Bulldog gin per bottle of tonic, but you can reduce or increase the amount to taste. The Bulldog gin uses the poppy seed and dragon eye as botanists, and has a soft floral finish.


Add the Tonic Boylan, pouring the tonic from very close so that carbonic is not lost. The Boylan tonic is clean and made with cane sugar. It does not hide the flavors of floral gins, so it is perfect for this type of gintonics.


As an accompaniment, you can put dried lavender, orange blossom and rose leaves, but not in a lot, so that it is not uncomfortable to drink.


Enjoy in moderation.

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  • The dried leaves can be found in herbalists. When they get wet they will hydrate, so serve them with time
  • If you want to accompany with food, this floral gintonic goes very well with salty snacks.