How to cut and chop a whole chicken


You have gone to buy a whole chicken and now you want to cook it separately, in pieces.

This article does not show how bone the chicken, but it is the first step, how to cut it, cut it, and divide it into parts. It may seem difficult but it is not so difficult if you follow step by step how to cut and chop a whole chicken

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Prepare the chicken before starting to cut it. Remove the whole chicken from its packaging, which you should discard.


Search the cavity internal gizzards, the neck and other organs. These may be packed in a plastic bag, or they could be loose. Remove the organs and save them for another use, or discard them.


Rinse the chicken in cold water and place it on a cutting board with the breast facing up. Cut chicken legs. With the left hand, hold the left leg of the chicken and pull it out of the body. Then, using a sharp knife, cut through the skin along the side. This movement gives you the right angle to easily cut through the hip joint to remove the entire leg.

You have to cut through the chicken cartilage, where the bones of the leg and hip connect. This will give you a clean separation without any splintered bone.

Look, what is pointed with the finger in the image, is the tip of the thigh bone. Right there you should cut starting from the end. Repeat this procedure on the remaining leg.


Divide the chicken leg sections. So, the cut is easier on the joint.


To find the right place on the leg to cut the thigh, hold the two sections, either by hand or bend in the opposite direction of natural movement.


Cut the chicken wings. The wing joint is stretching it in the opposite direction of natural movement. Then, cut with a knife where the notch is seen through the cartilage, between the ends of the bones.


Repeat this step for the remaining wing. If you want to divide the wing into two pieces, cut through the elbow joint with the knife.


Cut the breast. The breast should be cut to the sides, along the ribs. You can use scissors or a knife, but it is best to cut back and forth.


When you finish on one side, you do the same of the other side of chicken. In the end you will have a whole breast of two pieces.


Now, you force your hands to the opposite side of the natural movement, and put the tip of your thumbs in the small center bone. This is done to pull it back. And then cut the breast in the middle.


Finish cutting and bone the chicken. Now you have the chicken cut into pieces. Two wings, two legs, two thighs, and two breasts.


The rest you can discard or use as you wish and that's it. You have already boneless chicken and chopped. Now you can cook it as you want.

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